Thursday, August 27, 2015

Morningside Park Still Closed - Pipe Installation

Decision to install temporary by-pass

With two costly leaks this past year it has been decided to install 30 metres of new 5' sewer pipe and tie it into the existing sewer outfall pipe at Morningside Park.

The outfall pipe is scheduled to be replaced completely next year and some of the installation this year is just being done early, however a portion of the installation only serves as the temporary connection. The temporary portion of this installation is estimated to cost $200,000.00 while the permanent portion of the project is estimated at $700,000.00.

The existing pipe is 40 years old and had a life expectancy of approximately 60 years, however in some places the coating on the inside of the pipe is failing causing corrosion of the pipe, resulting in leakage.

The two repairs this year have resulted in extensive excavation in the park and on the foreshore of Hammond Bay. A neighbouring homeowner has suffered considerable inconvenience during the repair of both of these treated effluent leaks.

Given the experience of these past two leaks and the possibility that high tides and winter rainfalls could further stress the pipe and result in more repairs the choice to be proactive was made. The work is expected to commence late in September and be complete before our fall rainy season.


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