Saturday, August 22, 2015

Nanaimo Bike Lanes - Confusing???

 Parked cars are next to the curb
Parked cars are away from the curb
New bike lanes on Boundary near hospital

The first time I approached the new bike lane on Boundary just past the Dufferin intersection it appeared to me that the cars which were actually parked should still be moving, as they were not next to the curb.

For what I am sure are very sound reasons in the world of planning parked cars are next to the curb and the bike lane is not, as you approach the hill the bike lane jogs into the curb and the parked cars are no longer against the curb. Seeing parked cars against the curb is what I am used to seeing and was wondering how long before someone not paying attention ploughs into the rear end of parked cars they think should be moving?



  1. Charlotte Bridden22 August 2015 at 15:39

    Very confusing and look at the bike path as you turn right onto Boundary off Townsite.

  2. The worst part is, is that it's inconsistent. You think it's driving lane/ bike lane/ parked cars. Then when you shoulder check your right turn, you may not realize that the bike lane is now where the parked car lane used to be. Lucky for people on bikes, they'll be close to the hospital when they get hit.

  3. The bike lane on Boundary road is an asinine project. We were traveling from Northfield south along Boundary Thursday when past the hospital ER entrance an Ambulance came screaming towards us. Cars park on the hospital side, and the bike lane is on the right side. All moving cars had to swing over into the bike lane Had their been a cyclist they would have been dead unless they jumped their bike onto the sidewalk. Add pedestrians and you would have had a major mess. Why didn't the city realize that this road with a high school and ER was not a good mix. Ambulances have no alternative getting to the ER but the Boundary entrance.

  4. Where's the picture of the one showing the bike lane in between two traffic lanes where on turns right onto Wakesiah off Bowen Road?


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