Monday, August 31, 2015

Nanaimo City Council Aug. 31 - Colliery Dams

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Mayor says his ruling is beyond appeal



  1. This is pathetic! Why do people behave like 1st graders in public?
    I'm embarrassed to have some of these people making decisions for us taxpayers!!!!

  2. McKay wants what McKay wants. I'm tired of it, aren't you?

  3. I have just spoken with the Director, Advisory Services, Governance and Structure Branch, BC Government (which governs how municipalities operate) and she said; "My interpretation is...the intent of the law...a councillor can appeal the chair invoking section 133 (BC Community Charter, chair's power to evict) using section 132 (2)”. 133 is not intended to be used separately.

    Last night Mayor McKay, again, referred to his power under Section 133 and WOULD NOT hear an appeal from Coun. Fuller. McKay asserting an appeal was not in order.

    The very next time the mayor tries to invoke Section 133 for anything, and if he does not adhere to an appeal, Section 132 (4a) must be applied:

    (a) the council must immediately appoint another member to preside temporarily,

    Then a vote can be called on the mayor’s initial ruling, which can be defeated with a majority against or even a tie vote. (Mayor cannot vote)

    The Law.

    -Kevan Shaw


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