Sunday, August 30, 2015

Nanaimo Colliery Dam Saga - Taxes Burned?

Have Nanaimo City Councils
been badgered by bullying bureaucrats?

Those who have followed the Colliery Dams Debacle from inception by it's author Mr. Al Kenning to the conclusion under the direction of Mr. Swabey and Mr. Seward and Mr. Davidson have to wonder if any power actually rests with the people, or if democracy is just an illusion used to keep the mob in check?

Those Elected Said Dams were Fine

There was no doubt during the last election a promise was made to put the bureaucrat-orchestrated dam debacle to rest, and let common sense prevail. Our Mayor, when running for office said city council was a laughing stock with the way they handled the dams, and that they were just fine. Those close to this issue, agree with that sentiment totally.

How can the electorate put faith in the process after what we had witnessed during the first effort to remove the dams? We had P Eng stamps on documents and studies claiming the loss of 150 lives, massive property destruction, daycares and schools washed away as the dams failed in 3 minutes during an earthquake. Remember? Turned out this was an incorrect conclusion when proper due diligence was done.

Now, after putting that bogeyman to rest, another bureaucrat-led study has concluded that some people might die in what is called 'Noah's' flood, an event which 'they' claim might happen once in 34,000 years. This conclusion was based on the same type of science as the first conclusion along with hypothetical assertions and assumptions, all coming with the authority of a P Eng stamp affixed. Sound familiar?

Due Diligence Thwarted by the Bureaucrats?

To their credit the newly elected council tried to honour their commitment to bring fresh eyes to the Colliery Dam Debacle but the Mayor changed his mind after being elected and any hope of credible due diligence went out the window.

At the end of the day we have bureaucrats insisting that millions of tax dollars be spent while at the same time denying our duly elected council to exercise the due diligence they promised the electorate.


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