Monday, August 10, 2015

Nanaimo Council Fast Tracks Spillway

Waives Purchasing Bylaw To Meet Deadline

The final chapter of the ongoing Colliery Dam Debacle was written by Nanaimo City Council when they agreed to waive the purchasing bylaw and invite contractors to submit cost plus contract tender prices.

Only Councillor Kipp and Fuller opposed the staff recommendation with the balance of council adopting the recommendation.

If all goes according to plan, the work to build the new spillway should see shovels in the ground by Sept. 15 which should allow the project to be substantially complete by the Nov. 15 deadline imposed by the Water Comptroller.

City staff explained the pros and cons of a cost plus contract with the one obvious risk, that city taxpayers will have no idea what the end price will be until the work is completed.

Test digging of the site has now shown there is no bedrock encountered in the proposed area, meaning basically the spillway will consist of a 200 foot, 30 foot wide by 15 foot deep ditch with a concrete box culvert near the opening. 

Councillor Kipp made the point that this spillway does nothing to avoid flooding of Harewood as all the flood water winds up in the same place, it just now comes through two different spillways.


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