Saturday, August 01, 2015

Nanaimo Daily News Littering Nanaimo Streets?

Daily News leaving papers on my street

Yesterday, Friday July 31 in the early evening I noticed that a folded copy of the Daily News was in front of all the driveways on my street as seen above. They were not delivered to doors or mailboxes but rather just tossed at the end of the driveways.

Many of them have been picked up but across from my house out of four houses three of them still have the paper sitting at the end of their driveways.

Why would anyone think this is a good idea? They supposedly deliver their paper to all homes on Thursday so why blanket an area on Friday? Why would they think that leaving papers in front of homes which at this time of year may be unoccupied as folk are away on holidays is anything but an invite to burglars?

I have placed a call to the Daily to ask what they were thinking, and if they intend to come back and pick up their litter. I would be interested to know if my street is the only one, or if other readers have had the same thing happen on their street.



  1. The Nanaimo Daily News has changed the total market coverage in Nanaimo to Fridays.

  2. I've had the Daily and the Bulletin delivered from time to time unwanted. They don't leave it at the end of my driveway, but at the edge of my garage and it peeves me off. I've left voicemails for them to cease and desist but they continued anyway. Eventually the Daily stopped but I received a Bulletin just yesterday, however, it was delivered to my door.

    Regardless, I don't like this practice, for the exact reason you state. If you're away for a day or 2 (or longer), it's not cool to have papers piling up at your door. I know it's hard times for the newspaper business, but giving away their product unrequested is a stupid idea.

  3. they give it away as it's primarily advertising that needs to be given to as many people as possible.. that, and it's a good dose of propaganda that we can do without as well... very little of it is relevant.. i get way more off sites like yours then i do via the local paper.. thanks - james

  4. yes, Thursday delivery of free papers is now Friday. What I object to is the plastic bags and elastics that they put on them.and leaving them anywhere besides the mail boxes..I paid much money to have a large slot that will accomodate papers and not allow strangers to know I'm away..also many elastics where they park before delivering. I also object to advertising with cheap, (or any) perfumes in them...should not be allowed to invade my space. This seems like a ploy to get the circulation numers up to sell more advertising.

  5. and I would say at least half of them accumulate on the ends of driveways...especially in the rainy, cold weather..who wants to open a plastic bag with a soggy paper inside and have to let it dry before reading...yech....In answer to your question, Jim, they have been doing this up Lost Lake for years....although once upon a time they respectfully put it in the mailboxes (mostly rural) but now the people delivering are too lazy to do so.


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