Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Nanaimo Inner Harbour Vessel Variety

Tugs waiting for work tied up at the dock
Just waiting to go fishing?
Yachts at the visitor's pier enjoying a perfect Nanaimo summer

While enjoying a stroll at one of my favourite Nanaimo spots, the inner harbour downtown, I was taken by a couple of things. One was the lack of a 'crowded' harbour which in years past would have seen every slip full and boats rafted together in the harbour.

The other thing of course is the wide variety of vessels you see tied up from kayaks to small dinghies, small and not so small power boats, working fishing and tug boats all the way up to some of the bigger pleasure craft. But the biggest question of all, given such a perfect day and calm seas, why any of these boats are sitting at the dock!


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