Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Parking Issues Near Nanaimo Hospital

 Back up until your spare kisses the headlight, then inch forward, turn wheel and repeat?
The white car is also encroaching on the yellow line ....

Any rules about this??

Anyone familiar with the streets around the Nanaimo Regional Hospital will tell you that finding a parking spot on the street is quite a challenge. There is paid parking in the Hospital parking lot, but that is not always a sure thing either, and certainly couldn't support the number of cars parked on Dufferin and the adjacent streets.

I guess the person in the white vehicle couldn't believe their luck by find a parking space they could just squeeze into at the corner of Seafield Crescent and Dufferin. I suspect the person in the car in front won't think as highly of the parking skills of the person parked behind them.


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