Sunday, August 23, 2015

Raw Log Exports Nanaimo Assembly Wharf

 Lodestar Princess loads raw logs at Nanaimo Assembly Wharf
Lodestar Princess at Nanaimo Assembly Wharf
loading raw logs bound for China

The vessel you see in the harbour at the Assembly Wharf is the Lodestar Princess which is a bulk carrier that will be leaving Nanaimo on August 25th with a load of BC logs, headed I presume for China.

The 168 metre vessel sails under the flag of Panama and has a gross tonnage of 19,789 t. In 2015 it's last four ports of call were in China.

Hewers of wood?

Being but a simple fellow unable to understand the world of high finance, the world economic systems and such, I can't help but wonder if we aren't taking a step backwards.

I realize there is a case to be made for the business of selling raw logs to other countries, but have to wonder if that is sound business or a symptom of our own desperation and how we have mismanaged our own wealth.

A tree left standing in the forest is very much like money sitting in a secure savings account accumulating interest on a regular basis, which simply compounds as the years roll by.

When that investment is finally cashed in at a future date and re-invested in a higher yield instrument (finished dimensional lumber, prefab housing, fine furniture) the net return our Province enjoys is much greater than when we are simply 'hewers of wood'.

Like I said, I am but a simple fellow and am sure the enlightened ones running things now will find my thoughts merely foolish ramblings.


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  1. PPWC LOCAL 8 fought log exports for years without much if any support of the IWA or whatever they are called now. What has happened with solidarity has been traded for " I'm alright, f--k them"


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