Sunday, August 16, 2015

Recycling Bins Installed Downtown Nanaimo

Beverage container recycling bins 

The City of Nanaimo has partnered with Encorp Pacific to provide recycling bins in high traffic areas of the community.  This week 15 of the new bins were installed downtown and in the Old City Quarter. The remainder of the bins will be installed in parks later this month.

The new blue bins have been placed next to existing litter bins and aim to help residents make the right decision when disposing of their beverage containers while they are out and about.  The bins are designed only to take beverage containers and are “self servicing”. This means they are never locked so anyone who wishes can open up the side door to retrieve the “booty” and return it for deposit.

Encorp Pacific has provided the city with the bins free of charge and when complete there will be 50 bins installed throughout the city.

Prior tot he installation of the 15 bins an audit found a total of 39 beverage containers in the 'regular' litter bin. With the installation of the new recycling bins, it is hoped there will be zero beverage containers going into the regular garbage stream.

Charlotte Davis, City manager of sanitation notes the new bins are only meant for depositing beverage containers and not intended for any other waste. 

Basically, if the container has a deposit/refund attached to it, the new blue bins are the proper place to dispose of them. Anything else should go into the regular litter bins.


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