Saturday, August 15, 2015

Vancouver Island Drought - About To Get Serious?

El Nino and Vancouver Island water
Fall rains dependable this year?

A Times Colonist article draws attention to the impact drought conditions are having on Vancouver Island cattle farmers with increasing production costs, feed shortages and the prospects of reducing their herds.

Environment Canada meteorologist Matt MacDonald is quoted as saying a strong El Nino is expected to bring warm and dry conditions over the winter meaning the drought could be here for a while.  Between April and the end of July only 14.6 mm of rain fell compared to the average for that period of 94 mm. In Victoria May was the driest on record  with only 2 mm of precip recorded as opposed the 37.5 mm norm.

The lack of snowpack has had a significant impact on water supplies which would only worsen if a milder winter produces less snow again this year.

Perhaps our $5 million we are spending on the Colliery Dams might be better spent sourcing alternate water supplies than fussing about Noah's flood.


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