Friday, August 28, 2015

Water Quality Advisory - City of Nanaimo

Rain may increase sediment

"This water quality advisory is precautionary in nature.  After such a long period without rain, the forest has accumulated a significant amount of dry litter.  It is likely that heavy rain will wash this into creeks and rivers near the City's drinking water intake, and we will see increased turbidity in the water supply.  Operations staff are ensuring that disinfection levels are stable, and will continue to monitor over the weekend." - Bill Sims City of Nanaimo

Environment Canada has issued a weather alert for heavy rain over the coming weekend.  Following the prolonged dry period, this may result in an increase in sediment running into the City's drinking water supply.  The City of Nanaimo is therefore issuing a Water Quality Advisory that residents may notice cloudy or discoloured tap water.  

Disinfection levels are good and the water is fine to consume even though it may appear discoloured. Residents with compromised immune systems should boil drinking water for one minute.

The City of Nanaimo would also like to advise that, due to the drought conditions this summer, soils have a reduced capacity to absorb water, thus creating a risk for flash-flooding during periods of heavy rain.  Roads are likely to be slippery.


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