Sunday, August 30, 2015

Wellcox Property On Nanaimo Council Agenda

 Site of old 'pallet farm' now used for parking
Trestle now a public liability

Port Drive Waterfront Master Plan
Terms of Reference

After a presentation at the Aug. 31 Council meeting by Mr. Dale Lindsay and Mr. Bill Corsan it is being recommended that City Council adopt the Terms of Reference for this property's development.

The purpose of the Master Plan is to address key issues and to provide specific policies for future land use, transportation, servicing, open space, trails and environmental protection, as well as phasing of development for this portion of the south downtown waterfront. The long-term vision for the area includes enhancement of the downtown waterfront, improving connectivity of the south downtown with the surrounding neighbourhoods, and creating opportunity for a new regional transportation hub.

The following graphic shows the current encumbrances on this piece of property with approximately 80% of the land under the control of Seaspan and the ICF. The area along Front Street identified as 'City' is the area now used for parking, where the pallet farm used to be. This is also the area where a significant archaeological find was discovered while demolishing the warehouse that used to sit on the property.

The piece of property identified as 'City' which is on the waterfront to the right of the Seaspan ROW is the area the city has leased to the company trying to secure financing for a downtown to downtown ferry service.

The 'Trestle' is required currently if there is to be vehicular access to the assembly wharf or the Nanaimo Port Authority lands and cruise ship terminal. When the City purchased this property we assumed the responsibility for the trestle and the road which goes to the Port Authority. The trestle is said to need $6-$7 million in repairs for which the Nanaimo taxpayers are now liable.

It is also unknown what the cost will be to Nanaimo in order to 'buy-out' the ROW (Right of Way) agreement currently held by Seaspan and the ICF. Seaspan pays no rent for this property but do pay taxes, ICF pays nothing for either rent or taxes, and the ferry company is said to have leased the property, but I understand that only kicks in, when and if they begin operating.


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