Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Wellington Secondary Demolition Underway

School's out for summer ................ and how!

Looking like some prehistoric mammoth monster the jaws of this giant bucket make short work of one block of the Wellington Secondary School on Departure Bay Road.

The school has been undergoing seismic renovations in what is a 3 year, $23 million project and the phase currently under way is the demolition of the block facing Departure Bay Road. This block is to be rebuilt and will then provide the main entrance to the school from Departure Bay rather than Mexicana Road.

As the giant machine tore into the school a worker is on hand with a water hose to keep the dust to a minimum. I would be interested to know where all this mixed material ends up as there is a wide variety of materials involved from concrete to wood to steel to drywall, glass and other forms of metal.



  1. ...and asbestos

  2. Ben Chouinard's "famous" painting on the interior wall is lost forever


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