Thursday, August 13, 2015

What's Next On Nanaimo's Agenda ?

Colliery Dams Off The Agenda
What Now??

Now that the Colliery Dams saga, is pretty much out of the way and the downtown hotel is off the burner; what is the next, most important issue facing Nanaimo in your opinion? 

What do you think is the next most important issue according to City Hall? Employment? Downtown to downtown ferry service? Hilton hotel? Wellcox waterfront development? Emergency response plan? Core review? The Terminal Trench? The Millstone Gateway? Continuing water supply? Sewage Treatment Plant? Automated Garbage Trucks? Composting Plant? City's aging water, sewer and roads? Re-purposing the Vancouver Island Convention Centre? Development cost charges which accurately reflect the cost  of new development? Reviewing wage and benefits and hiring practices of Nanaimo exempt staff?

What is the next big thing facing Nanaimo??


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  1. The next big thing - there should only be one item - CUT MY TAXES!



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