Thursday, September 24, 2015

ACME Food Co Closed Mid September

Photo credit: Acme Food Co.

Downtown Restaurant Closes

One of Nanaimo's well known downtown eateries quietly went out of business this month, as expected with little fanfare they simply closed their doors for the last time. ACME Food Co operated from their Commercial Street location since 2009 and always seemed to be one of 'the' spots downtown. They offered an extensive, reasonably priced menu and operated from a high visibility traffic location, so one might think they were a recipe for success. That said, the restaurant business has a reputation for dashing hopes and dreams and swallowing life savings in a single gulp.

Just up the street and around the corner a sushi bar opened and closed without many people apparently noticing and the better known Fibber Magees pub in the old train station also closed this past summer after a fairly brief run. I note a new business seems to have opened in the same location and only time will tell if they will enjoy any greater success. One advantage of the train station location is the tax exemption which should last for several more years, that presumes the ICF is passing along that saving to their tenant.

Back on Commercial Street the restaurant (2 Chefs) which has enjoyed the benefit of the parklet reported a near doubling of their business this summer, and REWSTERS up the street is also a new spot on the block vying for dining dollars. 


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  1. Raise taxes and give away more money - but in reality people are suffering.

    Did not councillor Brennan say a few years ago, there is no taxpayer fatigue?


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