Monday, September 14, 2015

Celebrity Solstice Visits Nanaimo

Last Cruise Ship Of 2015

Monday Sept. 21 - Celebrity Solstice - 7:00 am - 5:00 pm 

The Celebrity Solstice returns to Nanaimo after their 2014 visit and is the largest ship on the Alaskan itinerary in 2014.

Let's hope that the Port Authority, Tourism Nanaimo and the Chamber of Commerce and our City Leaders at City Hall will have something organized to show the thousands of visitors this ship will bring to our shores why Nanaimo deserves to be known as a place to come to rather than a place to go through.

There are a lot of very well paid people with a lot of grand sounding ideas about Nanaimo becoming a tourist mecca and next Monday is the perfect opportunity to put those ideas into something concrete.

When asked recently about what are Nanaimo's big draws the head of Tourism Nanaimo said it was Nanaimo bars, our waterfront and the Nanaimo Bar trail. Really?? That is the best we can do???    



  1. Why are you surprised ?

  2. So if we sent the cruise ship passengers a Nanaimo bar and a bottle of water in advance - there would be no reason for the ships to stop here.

  3. The military museum is ridiculous----perhaps war memorabilia has it's place, but not on the waterfront of a town trying to attract visitors. Who goes to a war museum anymore? How about a 'maritime' museum, a comprehensive one, and a complete first nations experience on Newcastle island------a world class experience!!
    Nanaimo bars, pub crawls and second rate festivals-------pretty lame----do it right or don't bother


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