Friday, September 18, 2015

Colliery Dams Work Proceeding On Schedule

Colliery Dams Update

Work underway in Colliery Dams Park this week is proceeding on schedule.  On Monday, September 14, workers completed their site preparation around the area where the auxiliary spillway will be constructed, followed by work undertaken Tuesday through Friday to remove trees.  The tree removal phase of the project is expected to be completed by Saturday, September 19, following which workers will turn their attention to removing logs from the site and preparing the area for the next stage of the project - construction of the auxiliary spillway.

Once tree removal is completed, the current public/worker safety exclusion zone will be decreased in size.  The new zone will be smaller and clearly marked with fencing and signage and will contain the area where the excavation of the auxiliary spillway will occur.   A revised map providing details concerning the fenced off area of the park will be made available early next week.  Additional information concerning the opening of a temporary trail adjacent to the construction site and a schedule for the next phase of work will also be provided.

"As this area remains an active construction site, it is very important for park users to follow the direction of the on site safety people and to observe signage posted.  During the construction stage of the project there will be periodic short-term closures of the area around the construction site when equipment or work encroaches onto pedestrian access routes." - Toby Seward City of Nanaimo 


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