Thursday, September 03, 2015

Colliery Dams Select Committee Scrapped

Pointless, Worthless Committee Ended

After awarding the cost plus contract to build the auxiliary spillway in Colliery Dams Park (not proven necessary) Councillor Fuller introduced a motion to scrap the committee. This motion followed a statement from Councillor Kipp wanting to be excused from the committee.

The motion passed, effectively bringing to an end another waste of taxpayer dollars.

Arguably this committee only benefited it's facilitator who collected, I am told, about $200/hr. for their efforts. I personally attended two of this committee's meetings and in my opinion, felt it was a total waste of tax dollars and just another bit of theatre directed by city hall.

If you agree with the statement that the 'Dams are just fine', you will have to agree that the few thousands of dollars spent on this committee when compared with the millions this boondoggle is costing taxpayers is but mere chump change.


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