Friday, September 18, 2015

Damaging Signs A Criminal Matter

RCMP take damaging election signs seriously
A T/C article reports that Nanaimo RCMP are taking damage to election signs seriously. This is not simply a matter of a prank but rises to a criminal act which can result in a charge of mischief.

Some signs around Nanaimo have been knocked over, some damaged and recently even one was set on fire.

Like them or not these signs are costly and are in fact someone's property and should be respected as such. Now, as for politcians ..... that is a different matter.



  1. Maybe we should be more concerned with damage to our political system, wrought by the current regime. A few signs are nothing . At the very least, it shows there are passionate people about. Far better that, than apathy, which is more the usual :-(

  2. Are they conservative signs ??

    Cause I am pretty sure 'we' all own those !


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