Sunday, September 27, 2015

Fall Marks Return Of Many Birds

Steller's Jay : 'are you lookin' at me?'

As usual over the summer many of the regulars to our bird feeders disappear, I presume heading for higher ground where it might be cooler?

Over the past few weeks a small hawk has visited our yard on several occasions, and while I did not see him make a kill, I know he had his eye on the couple of band tailed pigeons that were regulars all summer. They should have migrated by now, so I am hoping they did and did not provide lunch for Mr. Hawk.

Like clockwork the day before the first official day of fall, our fine feathered friends began returning to their winter turf which includes our yard which provides food, water and good tree cover.

The house sparrows were here all summer as was a family of about two dozen bushtits and aside from the band tailed pigeons that was pretty much it for variety. We did on a few occasions spot the timid Collared Doves which we 'heard' all summer.

Within the past few days we have seen the saucy Steller's Jay (which is a nice surprise), Towhees, Chick-a-dees, Nuthatchs (2), Flickers, Crowned sparrows,Juncos, purple finch, a robin with a speckled young one, bushtits and of course our resident humming birds.


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