Friday, September 11, 2015

Island Ferry Service Becomes Election Issue

Nanaimo - Vancouver Has Conservatives Support

John Duncan running under the Conservative banner in the riding of Courtenay-Alberni has promised his party's support for the downtown Nanaimo to downtown Vancouver foot ferry service.  The proponents of the Island Ferry Service have been looking for government support in the amount of $14 million to get the $72 million project off the ground or to float so to speak. To date they have been unsuccessful in their endeavours.

The NDP and Green Party candidates have also come out in support of the service although neither has actually said how much money their party would see contributed to the project.

The downtown to downtown foot ferry service is something many believe would be of great benefit to Nanaimo.



  1. yah well step up to the plate 'other' parties !!

    Liberals, with all your talk about infrastructure, how about a little $$$ coming to the island----seems Trudeau was all over Vancouver yesterday. promising transportation projects at every stop. Did no one on his team mention the foot passenger ferry, I wonder ???

  2. So the Tory government turned down the fast ferry folk for a Build Canada grant this year - but as a way of getting votes they're now holding the money hostage and promising it "if" elected.

    I hate politics.


  3. Now they want $72 million when six months back they wanted $50 million. AND they want $28 million in provincial and federal funding as part of that!!

    Come on Jim, where's the abuse of taxpayers dollars here?

  4. No, I believe they only asked for $14 million

  5. No, it isn't abuse of tax payer dollars at all. In fact, investing in our future is exactly what those dollars are for, to a certain extent. Infrastructure and transportion are our life blood.

    If taxes horrify you so much, then move to Missouri or some other regressive hell hole ! I welcome government investment in constructive projects

  6. Unlimited funding?

    "John Duncan, the Tories’ candidate for the new riding of Courtenay-Alberni, made the open-ended funding front of company representatives for Island Ferries Ltd.,"

  7. A campaign promise

    need I say more ?

    But some federal help , is not a problem with me at all. Countries that invest in infrastructure are countries that thrive.

  8. The previous fast ferry company, HarbourLynx. managed to work with $5 million in start up capital and was profitable. $5 million more and it would still be running today. Why does this new group need $70 million and a city owned terminal and city owned parking and a city constructed access road etc etc etc?

  9. To ensure it works this time

    why not ?
    We will all benefit in the end. It's a much needed addition to our area.
    Lighten up, our tax dollars have gone to so many fiascos, how about a winner for a change.

  10. Why not? Because this group has been at it for almost nine years. They always need just a bit more. Several months back they needed $50 million and now they need almost 50% more at $72 million. When does it stop?

    Airlines start up for less money.

  11. check out riverside marine proposal for a new ferry service between victoria and vancouver

  12. yes but the amount they are asking from the feds is still the same, no ?

    $14 million, I believe-----that hasn't changed.

  13. Heh maybe you'll get your wish. New ferry proposal in Victoria today !

    maybe Nanaimo will get nothing, 9 years down the drain, and no ferry.
    Nonaimo, the 'just say no' town :-(

  14. It isn't Nonaimo by any stretch. The city put up for the terminal building, created the parking lot and will build the access road. And probably gave them a tax holiday. How much more can it do?

    And just to be clear, yes, I want the ferry to succeed. I would be a frequent user, BUT enough with the 'we need more' and either get on with it or give it up to someone who will do it. Maybe Riverside Marine in Victoria, who to my knowledge isn't asking everyone and their dog for 'just a little more'.

  15. It seems the ferry in Victoria is going to take the long scenic route, cost an arm and a leg, and cater to tourists. So yes, let's get on with it here !! I agree

    ps who wouldn't ask for the dog :-)


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