Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Nanaimo Coin Design - In Top 25 Chosen


 Coin Design

The Royal Canadian Mint has held a competition for designs to appear on the 2017 Canadian Coins which will celebrate our 150th anniversary. They have narrowed down the submitted designs to 5 designs in each of 5 categories. The winners will be selected by online voting which allows Canadians a chance to choose what our 2017 coins will look like.

Laura Timmermans from Nanaimo is a finalist

Laura Timmermans from Nanaimo had her design selected as one of the finalists, it appears under the category "Our Passions" and is titled Campfires. "There is something very primordial and ageless about staring into the flames of a crackling fire. This activity crosses cultural boundaries and can help create common ground between people of different backgrounds. My design invites the feeling of Canadian unity."

You can help see Laura's design win the competition by participating in the online voting which ends Oct. 9/15. To view all the selections and cast your vote for Laura's design visit the Royal Canadian Mint webpage HERE. You may vote as often as you want and are encouraged to share your choices with family and friends on Twitter and Facebook which will increase the chances of your favourites being chosen.



  1. As the world heats up there is no place to celebrate burning stuff. The common ground should be the fight to clean up our air

  2. Hi, I think you should pull the campfire design. Campfires are now known to be a health risk in urban environments. Many communities are struggling with urban backyard campfires, some allowing them, others banning them. Please don't have such a controversial design for a national coin. Please do a little research on the toxic elements of smoke and how harmful smoke is to kids and fetuses.

  3. Including a burning icon as one of our passions seems somehow out of time and place given the horrific wildfires we've suffered this year. These coins will be around for generations to come – let's leave the fire image to the past.


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