Friday, September 18, 2015

Nanaimo Gas Cartel Gouging Again!

Nanaimo Has Highest Prices Again

Filling up today in Duncan on the way home we were pleased to see the price had dropped to 103.9 from 111.9 just one week ago.

It really came as no surprise that the gas cartel in Nanaimo were still ripping off the motoring public at their pumps which is usually about 5 cents per litre higher than Duncan. But today they outdid themselves with a whopping 12 cents more per litre.

WELCOME TO NANAIMO......................... The Gas Pump Gouging Capital of Vancouver Island.

Following prices taken from Gas Buddy at 4:00 pm Sept. 18/15.

Victoria 99.9

Duncan 105.9

Comox 103.9

Nanaimo 117.9


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  1. I very seldom buy gas in Nanaimo. Any time I'm out for a drive I fill up at Cassidy or Ladysmith.


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