Saturday, September 26, 2015

Nanaimo Gas Cartel Still Gouging Motorists

Nanaimo Still Highest Priced Gas

The gas cartel in Nanaimo keeps giving good reason why the competition bureau (if we have one) should be investigating the one or two operators controlling the pump prices in Nanaimo.

WELCOME TO NANAIMO......................... The Gas Pump Gouging Capital of Vancouver Island.

Prices from Gas Buddy at 10:00 am Sept. 26/15.

Ladysmith 104.9

Duncan 104.9

Comox 101.9

Nanaimo 114.9

Where are our politicians on this issue (being an election year and all), where is our city council, the Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Nanaimo on this issue. After all, it is hardly in the interest of Nanaimo to be known as the gas pump gouging capital of Vancouver Island. This stuff comes INTO Nanaimo, before it gets shipped to Duncan where they are selling for 10 cents less per litre!!

No price fixing?? Really?? How in H ------ E ---------- double hockey sticks, does every gas station in Nanaimo set their retail price to the tenth of a cent, exactly the same!! Unless, of course only one or two operators own all the stations. If there were 20 stores like WalMart in town, what are the odds they would all set the price of a product exactly the same every day?? No gas price fixing??? Still believing in Santa too??



  1. Why are they allowed to do this ?

    are there no checks etc…. for this kind of thing ? it makes no sense to me at all.

  2. I often wonder how they work it so practically every gas station in town posts the same price simultaneously. Do they have a telephone fan-out system so that when the price for the day is decided each member phones 5 others, etc.? I very seldom buy gas in Nanaimo and the penny discount offered on memberships by BCAA is not worth bothering with when they are charging the inflated price also. Of course if I top up in, say, Ladysmith, I might as well pick up my groceries there too.


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