Saturday, September 26, 2015

Nanaimo River Hatchery - A Great Outing

 First 'rung' on the fish ladder (watch closely)
 Resting up before taking a run at the ladder
 Trout are also making the trip
 Tough place to spend some time
Heron watches from a high perch

While the Chinook and Coho runs aren't coming in yet, there a lots of pinks and some trout returning to the Nanaimo River Hatchery.

The weatherman is promising to co-operate this weekend so after checking out the many things to do around town, which includes River Day at Bowen Park, take a shoot out to the hatchery for an enjoyable stroll to the fish ladder where you can witness the valiant determination of our finned friends to complete the cycle of life.

The eagles haven't showed up yet, but while there we did see a couple of Blue Heron watching from a safe distance. The wind did knock over a couple of trees on the trail to the ladder, which have been bucked up and while certainly passable takes a bit more care if you aren't as agile as you once were.

Times to visit:

Chinook - Oct. - Nov.
Coho - Late Oct. - Dec.
Chum - Mid Oct. - Late Nov.
Pink - Sept. - Oct.
Eagles - Oct. - Jan.

Nature Walk - All Year


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