Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Tourism Nanaimo Sport Hosting Grants


Tourism Nanaimo is currently accepting applications from local sport organizations seeking grant funding to host multi-day sporting events and tournaments. Tourism Nanaimo will be accepting applications for this intake until 4pm on Friday, October 30th.

In 2014, the City of Nanaimo transferred the sport tourism program to Tourism Nanaimo. This is accompanied by a total of $20,000 in available annual sport grant funding.

The purpose of this sport grants program is to provide funding to local sport organizations that helps to support them in bringing multi-day events to Nanaimo. Tourism Nanaimo recognizes that these sporting events increase the economic impact and overnight visitation to Nanaimo & Region while promoting the development of local athletes, coaches and volunteers.

Eligible events must be 2 days or greater, with a significant portion of the participants and spectators staying at least one night in paid accommodation in the Nanaimo area. Detailed program information and the online application form can be found at


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