Thursday, September 24, 2015

Woodgrove Centre Gets $17 Million Renovation

Woodgrove Centre General Manager Julia Dow

IvanhoĆ© Cambridge Invests $17 Million 

Co-owners of Woodgrove Centre IvanhoƩ Cambridge announced today they will be investing $17 million to renovate Vancouver Island's largest shopping centre in Nanaimo.

Centre General Manager, Julia Dow announced some of the highlights of the major renovation which will include:

  • The food court will be completely reconfigured and renovated allowing for increased seating capacity. The modern update will include recycling infrastructure and electric charging stations and much more.
  • Guest services will be relocated and increased in size by about 1000 sq. ft.
  • WiFi will be available throughout the property for the benefit of visitors.

The project which will be complete by November 2016 will unfold in three phases: exterior work, interior work and exterior entrances and canopies. There will be no disruptions to the centre's operations thoughout the significant renovation.

Woodgrove Centre boasts 751,547 sq. ft. and features 140 retailers and welcomes nearly 6 million visitors each year. It is notable that Woodgrove Centre is the largest single taxpayer in the City of Nanaimo.

Rendering of renovated food court


1 comment:

  1. this is perfect example of why nanaimo is a failure

    the first thing they do with their renovations, is take away the water clock, they have no plans for the space, but its just so important to take away the water clock, and then hide it away so no one can ever see it again

    mean while the city of nanaimo is on some ludicrous public art kick and just says, hey thats great you are destroying our heritage and culture, thats great you are hiding the water clock so no one can ever see it again
    oh god we better not ask them for the the water clock as public art for the city of nanaimo

    its best just to have the water clock locked up away in a dark room, never to be seen again


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