Sunday, October 18, 2015

Another Load Of Logs Leaving Nanaimo

 MAGPIE SW tied up at Nanaimo Assembly Wharf
MAGPIE SW loads logs in Nanaimo

The MAGPIE SW is in Nanaimo from October 14 through to October 20 where it is being loaded with logs headed to Asia I presume.

The vessel is a bulk carrier which was built in 2015 and is registered in Panama. She has a 180m length and 30m beam with a gross tonnage of 215,611. Her last three port calls were Lianyungan, China, Shangai China and Shangai China.

The debate surrounding the export of BC logs is one that surfaces every now and then, with proponents of the export claiming that all local producers have as much raw material as they require and if these logs were not being exported a large section of the forestry industry would be out of work.

Opponents of the export argue we would be able to employ more people if the logs were being processed in BC into value added products. It would seem the marketplace is not supporting this hypothesis.

Comments are invited from readers who are much better versed on this topic than this humble scribe.


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  1. If you think its bad now; wait until the TPP kicks in..



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