Wednesday, October 28, 2015

China Trip To Boost Investment & Tourism

Officials from Nanaimo preparing for trip to China

The Mayor of Nanaimo, Bill McKay, and the Chair of the Nanaimo Economic Development Corporation, Andre Sullivan, are scheduled to join Premier Christy Clark and other senior elected officials from the cities of Vancouver, Surrey, Richmond, Prince George and Comox on a trip to China supporting investment in BC, including tourism and development.

The Mayor and Mr. Sullivan will spend time in a number of Chinese communities, including Shenzhen and Shanghai where they will meet with various investment groups and organizations.

The trip will take place November 3 through November 11.
Central to the visit is the goal of presenting Nanaimo as a welcoming city that encourages outside investment.

"I am looking forward to joining our Premier, along with the Mayors of other BC communities, on this upcoming trip to China which I am confident will provide considerable opportunities to showcase our community and the investment opportunities that exist here today and in the future.  As well,  I am keen to further build the relationships and contacts we have already made in China so as to ensure Nanaimo remains top of mind among Chinese companies wishing to invest in BC."  -  Mayor McKay

"We are delighted to be one of the communities to join the Premier on her upcoming trade mission to China. The NEDC has decided to take this opportunity to join the Mayor with the goal of furthering our existing relationships in the cities of both Shenzhen and Shanghai. We feel that these markets present a great opportunity both in terms of tourism potential and economic development. We will be inviting business leaders we meet with to join us in Nanaimo on a return trip to showcase our community's investment opportunities."  -  Andre Sullivan Chair NEDC



  1. I would prefer to see a Municipal position formed and the parameters set for potential investments prior to prostituting our City to foreign ownership. I would also prefer to see our PORT as a sovereign property that displays respect for our own unique historical importance moving forward to a sustainable lifestyle. Most of the World Ports are owned by China. Nanaimo is increasingly vulnerable and we have very little in the way of Marine protection at any government level. Patricia Grand

  2. So the TOP council expense spender - of taxpayer dollars two years in a row - is getting his way. He's off to China now, after pulling his ask to council not long ago because of the public outcry.

    Is he spending his OWN $$$?

    If it's NEDC money - it is still OUR TAXPAYER DOLLARS!

    And has council approved any of his offerings to the Chinese - or is he just going to drink, eat and strutt around as mayor!


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