Friday, October 30, 2015

Colliery Dams Design Drawings - Issued for Review

Distributed October 30, 2015

Colliery Dams Update

Golder Associates and Herold Engineering have completed the “Issued for Review” design drawings for the auxiliary spillway and bridge structures. The drawings have now been sent to the Province's Dam Safety Section for their review. Upon completion of the Dam Safety Section’s review, engineers will make any necessary revisions and the drawings will be issued for construction.

In addition, installation of the secant pile cut-off wall is half way complete. Copcan's subcontractor, Henry Drilling, is making faster progress than originally anticipated. Completion of the wall is now anticipated by November 6th.  Once the cut-off wall reaches the minimum required concrete strength, the excavation for the spillway and bridge structures will begin. The excavation will be followed by the concrete formwork, rebar placement and concrete pouring.

The “Issued for Review” drawings and correspondence with the Dam Safety Section are now posted on the City’s website.

Members of the public seeking previous information or future construction updates concerning the Colliery Dams are encouraged to visit the Colliery Dams Information page located on the City's website.

"The weather is cooperating and construction of the secant wall is proceeding better than expected. Once the issued for construction drawings are in hand, construction schedules will be developed for the remaining work. With this work comes more construction activity and a further safety reminder for park users to follow direction from workers on site and to observe posted signage."  -  Steve Ricketts City of Nanaimo 


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  1. Where are the real facts, the important ones like:
    When will the drawings be totall complete and issued for construction? What is the progress of construction to date (ie percent complete)? What is the new estimated substantial completion date? What are the costs incurred and accrued to date? What is the total estimated costs to complete the project? How doe these facts and figures compare to those that were used to "sell" the project to council and the public?


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