Thursday, October 29, 2015

Gonna' Need More Bird Seed This Year

This fellow and two of his companions seem to have adopted our yard this year. Previously they might show up from time to time but this year they seem to have moved in.

Over the past couple of weeks up to three at one time take turns at the feeder (they don't share real well) and they are not just snacking, they are loading up and hiding food for later. 

I enjoy these colourful, cheeky backyard visitors but they can lighten up on the hoarding, that feeder won't be empty anytime this winter.


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  1. I could almost repeat this story exactly for my backyard. They would show up in Oct most Fall for a week ,then disappear? This year started about 2 weeks ago ago again, with seeing only one ? I have the black oiled sunflower seeds out for the usual Juncos and Towee. Thought I'd try some cracked corn from Sharcare.
    Ooooohhhhh, they seem to like this !!! haha
    Now I have 4 coming, all day ? they are pigs !! gobbling corn and sunflower seeds continuiosly. They used to be very skittish, now settling in.
    I see them burying the seeds around the yard, flowerbeds and lawn ?
    I'm at the north end of Divers Lake, Jingle Pot area.
    Entertaining, just like real life !


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