Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Nanaimo 2016 - 2020 Draft Budget

Special Open Council Meeting
Thurs. Oct. 22/15 9:00 am
SARC Building

Nanaimo Taxpayers Have To Dig Deeper

Council and the public will get the first look at the next five year financial plan which includes tax increases over the next five years totalling 12.6%, water fee increases of 37.5% and sewer fee increases of 17%.

The property tax increase for 2016 raises $1.5 million a large portion of which is needed to cover the labour contract increases of $974,000. It is not clear if the $974K is all labour increases or just union labour. 

These increases are for Nanaimo property taxes only and do not include tax increases for the Library, Regional District, School District, Island Health Authority, Finance Authority and BC Assessment.

The average 2016 increase to a Nanaimo homeowner with a home valued at $331,136 for the City of Nanaimo increase only:

Tax increase  $33.33
Water             $31.00
Sewer             $  5.61
Garbage         $   1.00

Total $70.94


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