Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Nanaimo Represented by the Orange Crash Party


Will we ever wake up?

It is a well known fact that Nanaimo has never really been favoured with the largesse that can flow from Ottawa. Yes, a few shekels here and a few shekels there, but in the grand scheme of things, Nanaimo and the Island are pretty much no man's land when it comes to Federal favour.

Last night except for a small patch of Green (with even less influence) Vancouver Island was painted Orange once again, with Nanaimo following an age old pattern of sending folk to Ottawa with the proverbial snowflakes chance of doing much for us.

In the meantime on the local front our leaders will keep chasing Leprechauns and Rainbows and Railroads playing the role of business moguls all the while demonstrating their business prowess with their cutting edge approach to the food truck industry.

And we wonder why our Vital Signs Reports keep looking as if the patient is desperately in need of life support?



  1. A crass and disingenuous plug for Mark McDonald and the Conservative party.
    Regardless of political affiliation you suggest that we give up our moral and ethical standards for profit.
    I would rather be poorer than subscribe to Conservative/ Reform standards.

  2. Not a plug for the Conservatives .................. only the Liberals or the Conservatives are going to form a government. Can anyone tell me the fundamental difference between Trudeau's Libs and Mulcairs NDP?? Continually sending folk to Ottawa that have ZERO influence, just doesn't seem to make sense.

  3. Folks should need to pass an intelligence test before being allowed to vote. LOL

  4. And Mr. Lunney did exactly what over the last many years of Conservative governance?


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