Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Nanaimo Vital Signs Report - 2015

Second edition of Nanaimo's Vital Signs

Nanaimo's Vital Signs is a community check-up conducted by the Nanaimo Foundation that measures the vitality of our community. The survey is able to understand the current well-being of our community and provide critical information that can help identify opportunities for action.

You can download the complete report from the Nanaimo Foundation website HERE.

For comparison the results of the 2014 survey have been supplied printed in blue.

Nanaimo's Best

  1. Natual Environment    (Natural Environment)
  2. Climate                       (Parks)
  3. Parks                          (Climate)
  4. Air Quality                   (Friends & Family)
  5. Friends & Family         (Sense of Community)

Nanaimo's Important Issues

  1. Employment Opportunities                 (Employment Opportunities)
  2. Affordable Housing                             (Community Planning & Development)
  3. Poverty                                                (Affordable Housing)
  4. Community Planning/Development     (The Economy)
  5. Economy                                              (Transportation)
Nanaimo's important issues, which last year came under the heading of Nanaimo's most important issues haven't really changed. Last year there was ten issues identified and this year that has been reduced to five. This year the top five important issues are the same as last year with the exception of poverty, which last year ranked #6 and this year replace transportation as one of the top five issues.

Some of the 'issues' graded by survey participants (2014 report)

Safety & Security  C+               B-
Gap Between Rich & Poor D+ C-
Health & Wellness C                C+
Learning C+                             B-
Housing C-                               C+
Economy C-                             C-
Arts & Culture B-                      B-
Getting Around C                     C+
Environment C+                       B-

With the exception of the Economy and Arts & Culture which have remained static all other indicators point to a reduction in grading of these issues.


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