Saturday, October 24, 2015

Put Garbage Where It Belongs

Garbage has its correct place 
help keep Nanaimo clean

The City wishes to remind residents that it is illegal to dump personal possessions, wares, waste materials or debris of any kind on City owned property.  For information concerning provided methods of disposing of garbage, please visit the City's website.

It is a contravention of City Bylaws to discard materials and debris on City property. Persons contravening these regulations are subject to fines or other enforcement action.

Dumping of discarded items or materials on City property increases costs to taxpayers.

Clean City property provides a pleasant overall appearance for a person living in or visiting Nanaimo.

"Nanaimo prides itself on being a clean and attractive City to enjoy, reside in and visit.  For items that are no longer needed, please take the care to responsibly dispose of them."  - Rod Davidson City of Nanaimo  


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