Sunday, October 25, 2015

Senior Managers Leaving City Hall

Mr. Swabey & Mr. Howatt
did well in Nanaimo

Readers of this pathetic blog will know that comparing and crunching numbers is something I enjoy doing. An old mentor of mine once told me that 'figures don't lie, and liars don't figure', that has always stuck with me.

I realize that both Mr. Swabey and Mr. Howatt have taken on jobs with more and more responsibility over the years and that accounts for the increase in the size of their pay packets. That said, the figures are still the figures and what conclusions readers wish to draw are their own.

In 2006 Mr. Swabey earned $136,485.01 and in 2014 earned $231,356.96.

In 2006 Mr. Howatt earned $77,897.99 and in 2014 earned $189,486.93.

Tax revenue increase 2005 - 2014 = +56%
User fee revenue increases = +42%
Population increase = 5.5%

According to the reports on the city website tax revenue in 2005 was $60,480,683.00 and increased 56% by 2014 for a total of $94,712,405.00. During the same time user fees revenue increased from $22,985,163.00 in 2005 by 42% to $32,722,405.00 in 2014.

In 2005 the debt per capita stood at $195 and has increased 193% to $572 in 2014.

In 2005 the population was 79,626 and increased by 5.5% to 84,000 in 2014 during which time the total wages paid to city employees earning less than $75K and more than $75K increased by 40.5% going from $34,827,954.00 in '05 to $48,950,708.00 in '14.

The list of senior city management that were at the helm in recent years and are still employed by the city is getting shorter all the time, and the departure of Mr. Swabey and Mr. Howatt are two more names to add to the list which would include Mr. Berry, Mr. Kenning, Mr. Laidlaw, Mr. Holmes, Ms. Harrison, Mr. Franssen, Mr. Kristensen, Ms. Hartley, Mr. Clemens, and Mr. Churchill to name a few. I am sure readers familiar with city hall staff can add several other names to this list.


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