Friday, October 16, 2015

Short Rant About Some Dog Owners & Others

Why pick up your dog doo, bag it and then throw it away?

Taking advantage of what promised to be some near summer-like weather the missus and I headed to a couple of Nanaimo's great outdoor spots.

The first was the Extension Ridge trail off Harewood Mines Rd. and about 50 meters onto the trail, the top neatly tied blue bag of dog doo was spotted, tossed just off the trail.

Then over to Buttertubs Marsh to check out the local feathered visitors and right beside a drain pipe at the edge of the marsh was another neatly tied bag of dog doo.

Both of the parcels are wrapped in plastic that will preserve their contents for a long, long time instead of just breaking down naturally if kicked off the trail without the fancy wrapping.

Is the Dump really too expensive or ??????

Stopped on Nanaimo Lakes Road to take in some of the scenery we easily take for granted and the spot we stopped at offered the first great panorama, and just over the edge of the viewing spot was home to what has become a dump for some thoughtful souls.


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  1. And Buttertubs is a 'dog-free' park, as well !! no dogs allowed, they tamper with the sensitive ecology

    It's a reserve for wildlife, not pampered, genetically modified , poorly trained dogs !


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