Sunday, October 18, 2015

Some Marine Traffic From Nanaimo

Load of what appears to be plywood being towed
BC Ferry heading into Nanaimo - barge headed out
Seaspan barging wood chips or hog fuel from Nanaimo
Seaspan Challenger/Coastal Spirit moving freight from Nanaimo
Seaspan ferry 'Challenger/Coastal Spirit' motors past Entrance Island
Marine traffic vital to Nanaimo and the Island

In the course of less than one hour the other day it was very obvious just how vital the marine highway in and out of Nanaimo is, not just to the Hub City but much of Vancouver Island.

BC Ferries is likely the highest profile provider when it comes to moving people and freight without which, trade and commerce on the Island would quickly grind to a halt.

Less obvious to many is the amount of goods that are moved on a daily basis by Seaspan ferries which moves material into the dock in downtown Nanaimo and at their facility at Duke Point.

If the ferry services provided by BC Ferries and Seaspan Ferries were to cease, I have heard that in less than one week we would see empty grocery shelves in the central Island area.

I have been informed by a blog reader that the top photo is not actually plywood but Douglas Fir Veneer which has been produced by Coastland Wood Industries and is on it's way to their drying plant on Annacis Island. Once dried, it will be shipped to different Canadian and US plywood plants.

If memory serves there used to be a plywood plant in Port Alberni. Perhaps someone knows if that plant still operates? 


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