Friday, October 09, 2015

Vital Signs Report - Drop In Crime Rate

Falling crime rate
at odds with public perception?

The recent 2015 Vital Signs report issued by the Nanaimo Foundation raised a question about what is reported as a falling crime rate versus the residents survey grade.

The report indicates a 6.5% reduction in the crime rate, whereas those surveyed only grade safety and security as a C+ rating. 

Or is data flawed?

At first glance it would appear that the crime rate in Nanaimo is falling, however the stats which support that conclusion are based on comparisons between 2012 and 2013 which may not actually reflect the current data.

A presentation made to City Council in June of this year by Supt. Mark Fisher of the RCMP would not necessarily support the falling crime rate claim. The data presented showed stats for Q1 of 2015 with comparisons to Q1 of 2014, they included:

Calls for service 7967 in '14 to 8429 in '15

Crimes Against Persons - Assaults, Robbery, Weapons
Assaults 117 in '14 to 116 in '15
Weapons offences 53 in '14 to 53 in '15
Robberies 19 in '14 to 13 in '15

Crimes Against Property, Break & Enter
Residential 81 in '14 to 105 in '15
Business 45 in '14 to 54 in '15
Other 21 in '14 to 37 in '15

Crimes Against Property - Motor Vehicles
Theft from vehicle 353 in '14 to 266 in '15
Theft of vehicle 71 in '14 to 101 in '15

Crimes Against Property - Mischief to Property
218 in '14 to 248 in '15


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