Tuesday, November 24, 2015

BC Restaurants Don't Need Liquor Lounge Area

Say goodbye to lounge restrictions in B.C. restaurants

VICTORIA – As part of the ongoing effort to cut red tape for small businesses in British Columbia, restaurants no longer have to provide a separate lounge area for customers who want to enjoy a cocktail.

This latest change builds on a complementary Liquor Policy Review update that happened last year, allowing customers to order a drink at a restaurant without feeling pressured to order food. In the past, restaurants wanting to offer their customers a drink without having to serve them a meal had to have an isolated lounge area.

Creating flexibility for restaurants will help to remove the unnecessary burden for businesses in B.C., while understanding that restaurants will still need to ensure that their primary purpose is the service of food.

Music and comedy performances now will come easier, too, thanks to new relaxed entertainment rules. Restaurants are no longer required to apply for a permit to host entertainment, such as a guitar player or comedian, as long as patrons are not participating in the show.


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  1. Blurring the line between, Pub, Club, Restaurant Special event or any other outlet than can sell alcohol will eventually make none of them profitable.
    That is to say no one but the Provincial Governments coffers.
    Sadly we will finish up with a homogenised business model that satisfies none..


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