Monday, November 09, 2015

City of Nanaimo Business Licence Invoices

Do we know where your Business is?

City of Nanaimo 2016 Business Licence Invoices will be sent the end of November

Your City of Nanaimo 2016 Business Licence Invoice will be coming to you at the end of November.  If you’ve closed, sold, moved your business or changed your business phone, mailing address or email address, you need to notify the Licencing Section as soon as possible.

Notification can be done by email at, by phone at 250-755-4482 or in person at the City of Nanaimo Service and Resource Centre located at 411 Dunsmuir Street across from City Hall.

Businesses that continue to operate in 2016 that have outstanding licence fees will show not in good standing under their licence status when searched on the City of Nanaimo Website Business Licence Search.

If your business licence invoice is not paid, your business will not be licenced for 2016 and you could be subject to a $100 dollar fine daily, that if not paid will be sent to collections.

If you did not notify the Licence Section that your business has closed or been sold and the fee is not paid, the account will continue to show outstanding and you could be subject to fines, that if not paid will be sent to collections.

"Business Licences ensure that municipal land use regulations, building and fire codes, health regulations, and all other relevant community safety requirements are adhered to by businesses"  -  Nelda Richardson  City of Nanaimo 


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