Sunday, November 01, 2015

Council Meeting Addendum - Nov. 2/15

City Council
Mon., Nov. 2/15
7:00 PM
SHAW Auditorium

Item added to agenda for Monday Nov. 2 City Council Meeting:


Mr. Kim Smythe CEO, Chamber of Commerce to provide update to the Feb. 16/15 presentation regarding Council's goals and guiding principles.

The following notice on the Chamber's website is asking their members to attend this meeting in a show of support for the Chamber's position.

Support for Positive Change

A few weeks ago, the Chamber of Commerce started a petition to provide a forum for members of the community to address issues at Council which are clearly impeding the business of the City. You can view (and sign) the petition at If you’re concerned about anonymity you can sign it and not comment and your name will not appear publicly.

On Monday, November 2 at 7 pm representatives of the Chamber will address City Council providing an update to their Report to Council last February. At that presentation, the Chamber outlined their principles and philosophies as well as some civic priorities, mostly agreed to by Council. On Monday, the Chamber will point to Council’s record of achievements a year after being elected to office, as well as discuss some of the points in the petition.

As always, the Chamber is simply seeking the most effective and efficient municipal government. We are willing to step in and help as a respectful community leader offering positive solutions to improve relations and deliver ‘excellent municipal governance’ as promised in the City’s Corporate Strategic Plan.

We invite you to attend this meeting and show your support for positive solutions to get City Hall working in a more cohesive and constructive manner. Hope to see you there!


1 comment:

  1. The Chamber's meddling.

    Everything is going fine at council now - two top senior bureaucrasts are leaving, a third is on stress and a fourth is set to retire.

    The Chamber needs to be more worried about the carefree spending habits and what gibberish and head-bobbing comes from councillors like Pratt, Thorpe and the mayor!

    At least five on council are putting their foot down and not putting up with the nonsense that has been happening for years!

    THE ENTIRE EVERYDAY PUBLIC IS WITH YOU Kipp, Bestwick, Hong, Fuller and Yoachim - even though some, like the chamber, are there for there for their own special interests. DON'T LISTEN!


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