Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Cuteness Gets A Pass

Remember the movie Ratatouille??

One of the downsides of maintaining bird feeders, is the way they can attract rodents who are drawn by the seed that usually ends up on the ground. To minimize that problem, we only used hulled sunflower seeds in our feeders which means almost nothing gets thrown on the ground.

While watching the Pine Siskin activity the other day out of my window I was surprised to see two little eyes and a pink nose poke out of the ivy on the railing. Then, there were two sets of eyes and pink noses. Rodents don't usually get a positive response from yours truly, but both of these guys or gals, had to be given a cuteness pass as they made a bee line for the feeder, grabbing one seed at a time and scurrying back to the safety of the ivy to eat it.

These two kept this up for quite a few minutes and I must admit, as much as I am not a fan of rodents of the rat variety I simply had to smile. 

Now, where is the neighbours cat, when you need him?


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