Thursday, November 26, 2015

Democracy - Nanaimo City Council

Some things are just worth repeating

The election which took place over one year ago had a voter turnout of 34.1% which was an improvement over the previous election, however, it still means that 65.9% of eligible voters did not exercise their franchise.

A total of 63,861 people were eligible to vote. There are some curiosities about our election systems not the least of which is how the person with the fewest number of votes, gets the biggest pay cheque and occupies arguably the most important position on council. 



  1. Kind Blogger,

    Can we impeach in Canada?

  2. Indeed the lower municipal voter turnout is shameful in a country that calls itself a democracy. It isn't right that someone can become mayor by receiving only 10% of the vote. We need to increase citizen engagement, but this requires a city council who actually puts this on their agenda.


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