Friday, November 27, 2015

Medical Marijuana Shops - Good or Bad?

Are they helping legitimate 'patients'
of just trafficking in the open?

The recent tempest set off by the cease and desist order issued by the local RCMP, has raised a whole lot of questions about just how these 'dispensaries' are operating and what kind of safeguards are in place to protect their customers?

So far, it seems like all levels of government are just looking the other way, shuffling their feet and letting these operators thumb their noses at them. The local RCMP's seeming reluctance to follow through with their order is just another example of the confusion surrounding what used to clearly be the domain of criminals.

Putting aside the considerable question of whether these self-regulating drug dealers should be allowed to operate, what about the question of the fact they are conducting business without a business licence. Where is city bylaw enforcement on that issue? Are they keeping records that can be audited for income tax purposes? If not. Why not?

Are the people working in these establishments being treated fairly according to the labour laws of the province? Being paid at least minimum wage? Having income tax deducted at source? CPP and EI deductions being withheld and matched by the employer?

These are just a few questions that need addressing if we are going to have any legitimacy as a law abiding society, but I suspect those in charge would sooner keep their heads firmly in the sand.

The announcement of our recently elected PM that he is going to legalize pot has done nothing to clarify this murky mess.



  1. I suspect that many of the questions you posed about MM dispensaries, could be raised about the recent proposal for the establishment of Food Vending trucks and walk on ferries. The only difference is that the MM dispensaries have already shown their viability, where as vending trucks and walk on ferries have not. I recall two previous attempts to establish walk on ferries, both failed, vending trucks have done no better, their failure rate has always been compounded by their success. I would be really interested in knowing what the RCMP's interest are in their existence or demise, knowing that as long as the market for them was a black market business, there was little to no interference on the RCMP's part, the operation being illegal or not, and underworld selling of this very much in demand natural product.

    It is a well know fact that there are two aspects (business interest) that must have been severly impacted by the legalization of MJ, the drug manufacturers, and the independent producers of the nature product, and the venders, one considered legal, but hurting from the lose of demand for their products, and the others who are still supplying, legally or not, the demand for a natural product, regardless of how or why it is being used.

    I must say Jim, this is one of the funniest articles I have ever know you to write.

    Safe guards to protect the customers, clearly the domain of criminals, self regulated drug dealers, tax records that can be audited, should get their heads out of the sand, ROTFLMAF.

    I didn't give you enough credit for a sense of humour Jim, this has been hallarious, so appropriate to the drug dealing business, legal or not, good one.

  2. The shops seem clean, efficient, well run, and some of them are better neighbours than existing businesses. Much rather them, than empty storefronts, or more dollar stores etc…...
    Regulate them, tax them, legitimize them ASAP

    ps don't partake myself, but recognize the need for change


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