Thursday, November 05, 2015

Should Mayor McKay Be Interim CAO?

City Manager Departs Nov. 13

While some eyebrows might raise at the short notice city manager Ted Swabey has given the city before moving to his new job with a smaller budget and only seven councillors, it does raise the question as to whether an interim manager is actually required.

It will take some time to do a proper search to find the right person to fill the city's most highly paid position and hiring from within does nothing to introduce 'new blood' to the management team.

Is Mayor McKay the best candidate?

This past year there does seem to be some issues with the direction of council not being implemented by city staff. Colliery dams and garbage trucks, come to mind.

If McKay were to assume the position of both CEO and CAO in the interim it would be hard to argue that Council's direction was not understood. It would surely give our Mayor some hands-on, first hand insight into the actual day to day operations of the city which could be infinitely helpful in conducting a meaningful core review. It would also give him a nice 'lift' in the pay department if allowed to collected the salaries for both positions.

If you think this is a good idea, I encourage you to contact the Mayor and Council and strongly suggest our Mayor consider a dual role until a permanent CAO can be found.



  1. I doubt that's possible under Municipal Charter. Also, when it comes to hiring from within, there are no management staff left to hire from. They have all departed (with one exception and he's planning to retire).

  2. Get some good people in from outside this myopic little burg !

    We need an infusion of energy, and smarts.

    I am sure we could attract talent with the promise of a pleasant island life style.


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