Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Tracy Samra - Interim Nanaimo City Manager

Interim City Manager appointed by Council

Nanaimo City Council has appointed Tracy Samra to the position of Interim City Manager for a period of six months while the process to fill the permanent City Manager position continues.

Ms. Samra is a senior administrator, consultant and lawyer with over 19 years’ experience working in the federal, provincial and Aboriginal public sectors in the areas of governance, policy development and program/service delivery.  With strong ties in the community, she is familiar with Council's priorities and the issues of top interest to Nanaimo's residents.

Ms. Samra has a Master of Laws from the University of Ottawa, a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Victoria and holds executive training experience from the Canada School of Public Service.  She currently lectures on Natural Resources Management and Indigenous Rights at Vancouver Island University.

Ms. Samra's appointment as City Manager commences Thursday, November 19 for a period of six months. Her appointment may be renewed each month thereafter, until the process of filling the permanent City Manager role is completed.

Ms. Samra will carry out the City Manager portfolio as the City's first woman and Aboriginal to hold the position.

"I have known Tracy for a number of years.  She is an intelligent and committed individual.  I look forward to working with her over the coming months."  -  Bill McKay Mayor City of Nanaimo

"Tracy brings to the City a wide range of executive experience, including knowledge across all levels of government.  Her work at the City will provide critical support to Council and leadership to staff during this interim period.  Given the importance of this position, Council is pleased she is able to begin immediately."  -   Gord Fuller Acting Mayor City of Nanaimo 

"I put my name forward because I believe I can provide the strong principled leadership required at this critical juncture.  My first priority is to provide Council with the information they need to govern effectively in an open and transparent manner.  My second priority is to support staff to do their work in a positive work environment.  I already know there is a depth of expertise within each departmental team that I can rely on and work with.  I am hopeful that my direct and frank approach to leadership and our respective accountabilities will serve the City of Nanaimo well during this interim period.  I understand how important it is that Council finds the right City Manager for Nanaimo in 2016."  -  Tracy Samra Interim City Manager City of Nanaimo 


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