Monday, November 23, 2015

Women, Children & Families Only Refugees Allowed

According to this Huffpost report the CBC has learned that only women, children and families will be a part of the Syrian refugee program, noting that unaccompanied men will not be considered for the program.


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  1. Good, now get started with it !
    I have heard enough from the frightened mob who want to shut them out.
    You'd think we had all become neo-nazi's the way we go on and on and on…..
    It can and will be done responsibly. And FYI, it is inevitable, this migration of the less fortunate.

    Small planet, big problems, no hiding anymore ! So get a grip and let's deal with things as they come, and deal with them well, or we will suffer in the long run. Putting up fences will not solve the problem.

    It's as if everyone I knew has turned into Trump !!!

    very off-putting


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