Monday, December 14, 2015

A Zero Percent Tax Increase Is Possible In 2016

Is this council serious about your taxes?
Or was that just empty campaign talk?

Zero Tax Increase Is Possible For 2016

If this city council wishes to set itself apart from the rubber stamp council's of Nanaimo's past, they have a golden opportunity with the 2016 - 2020 budget.

They can instruct staff to bring a budget for 2016 with a zero percent increase and insist that is the only budget they will endorse for 2016.

One relatively easy way to find the funding for a zero tax increase, would be to instruct staff to apply any surplus taxation received in the year 2015 as an offset to any increase for 2016.

They can also demonstrate they mean to be serious about the core services review by not engaging in any new spending until that review is complete. This should have included 4 - man fire engines and automated garbage trucks, but that horse has already left the barn.


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